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For now there is only one story, “Tatzelwyrm”.

Check out the following platforms:

Royal Roads: an active community focused on fantasy novels. It does not have a dedicated app for reading, but its webinterface allows theme, font, and fontsize to be selected for easier reading on smaller screens.

Inkitt: Boasts a powerful reader App for Android and iOS in a simple and pleasant design.

Webnovel (INACTIVE): A platform with many feature more akin to a social network to give writers very detailed feedback. It has its own reader for Android and iOS. Webnovel will no longer receive updates from me, but the 40 chapters existing at the moment will continue to be readable.

== This Story is available on multiple platforms (Royal Road, Webnovel, Inkitt and WordPress). This blog serves as a platform for updates and news concerning the Tatzelwyrm story. ==

“Tatzelwyrm” tells the tale of a girl who is freed from slavery by a man bent on imprinting his advanced knowledge of assassination, espionage and sabotage onto her, her attempt to cope with her new purpose in life and an entire world that opened to her, if she is capable to take her freedom from the man who claims to be her liberator. Watch her from the perspective of those around her as she grows, is destroyed by her environment and rebuilds herself.

Characters (in order of appearance, so beware of spoilers):

A man of few words and hard actions who seeks to impart his knowledge and skills onto his trainee, whether she wants to or not. He knows how to get a job done and will not take any impulsive actions, willing to wait out his opponents’s moves to learn more about them.

An girl from a race called crolachan, half human, half beast, who never experienced freedom before she was told she would have to surpass her teacher to attain it. She will not give up, but she is smart enough to bide her time.

A witch of soft disposition but a deep sense of loyalty to her friends who tries to help and protect the few people left on the countryside who are willing to still take part in the ancient customs and rituals.