It has been over three months since I went on hiatus and I can confirm that I still write on Tatzelwyrm, don’t worry. Most of that time I was concerned with the rewrite of Childhood & Charity as well as Freedom & Folly, but I have also spent a great deal of time coming to grips with the fact that Sorrow & Solemnity is probably my worst arc yet, even worse than the ones I never published or edited before publishing. It doesn’t just not work; it works against the characters. The reason for that is simply that it was an intermediate chapter that I tried to use for some character development that just couldn’t fit all in there. My original plan was to have Nannade visit Halonnes for her third and final mark of approval, but my eagerness to introduce a certain character made me go ahead with that arc too fast, it made some of the characters seem weird, because they needed in ways that seemed irrational and out of character for them, in order to have the same story developments still take place. And if I got to the next arc, I’d have to do it all again. That’s why I am restoring the original order of the arcs, which will see Nannade visit a completely different institution first, to tie up some plot threads, have the characters develop at a more rational and natural pace and to finally explore some deeper, more mysterious parts of the world.

I hope I am not upsetting anyone with this move, I thought about this really long and hard and got some outside advice in to make this decision. It was not easy.

As for the rewrite. I am still on it and awaiting final, yes *FINAL* feedback from my beta-readers. Then I’ll publish the first half, Childhood & Charity. Full 5 chapters richer and with much more action! With this, Tatzelwyrm will also be released on Wattpad, if you prefer that platform for your reading.

I have also released a 14k word short story called “Red Stag’s Trail” for Halloween that you can find besides Tatzelwyrm on all other platforms. It takes place in the world of Tatzelwyrm, but much earlier and unconnected to the plot of Tatzelwyrm, but you can find some more insights into the world in it, if you’re into that. Leave a review or just a simple rating if you want,m it would help me out a lot, since I have quite a few ideas for these short stories that I’d like to a free platform in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy the arc I decided to replace Sorrow & Solemnity with: Outlook & Obituary. It is shorter and has much less action, but it offers more insight in how the characters pick up their lives and where everything is heading. I will release it over the next few days. That does not mean the arc afterwards is finished already, just that I have made my final decision as to what the next arc will be. I have started work on it and the outline is done, but the chapters still need to be written, followed by the arc in Halonnes, I guess I already spoilered everyone in that regard. My upload schedule might get very spotty and sparse in the foreseeable future, as my Bachelor Thesis is coming around and I need to focus on other things. I will still write if I can and release once a week, but compared to my previous schedules, that is a really slow pace. I hope you continue to bear with me and my horrible upload schedules, just thinking of my readers has been a great motivator for me in the past.

Best of wishes,


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