The past of Tatzelwyrm:

When I started thinking up this story, I had it set in a generic Fantasy world, with standard fantasy stuff, that should never play a prominent role itself. But as I kept on writing, I realized that this world made no sense with the ideas I wanted to incorporate into it. It came to me when I was writing a part about Garrett taking on a job to protect a pregnant woman because she carried the child of a powerful mage, on the behest of a rich nobleman who wanted to use that child for political gains. When I asked myself whether this noble would have a personal mage bodyguard for himself, I realized that in a world of hereditary magic, it would not make sense that families without such power would be held as leaders.

And so I built a world in which magical ability, pure blood and noblesse go hand in hand. Every time Nannade experienced something, new aspects of this world became apparent to me. According to the logical rules I imposed, more and more obvious things about culture, society and politics revealed themselves to me and so the world grew.

But few of you know that, since Nannade is actually kind of a bad PoV character for exploring the inner workings of society. I have come to enjoy this world and it’s little details. But it is hard to tell that story from the viewpoint of a girl that spent 9 years of her life locked in a basement. I thought of other characters that could explain the world better.

Truth is, Nannade’s nature and deeds make her an extraordinary character that fits badly into the everyday world, she doesn’t even live in the everyday world in a sense, and so she is not a very good vehicle to explore this everyday world.

My plan is this: to introduce Nannade into this world with the next arcs, and then create a secondary entrance into the story for people who’d like to get into the world but who don’t want to read 97 chapters on how Nannade came to be the teenager she now is.

I am currently concentrating on the rewrite, which is taking much longer than expected and I am looking forward to being able to deliver it to you.

As to what I teased about in my last Author’s note: I have used a map which I drew in GIMP as a help to flesh out the world and keep track of where Nannade was at which point of the calendar. You can see an excerpt of that map below, with the path Nannade took marked. For those interested in the scale: One pixel equals one mile, and the salt river running between Northbridge and Southbridge is 500 miles long.


This is still a work in progress and might change later on. It should just give you a small idea of what the world looks like and the way Nannade has travelled.

With best wishes,


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