Welcome dear readers loyal and new,

I have two big announcements to make today.

First: the Cover


As you might have noticed above, the commissioned cover for Tatzelwyrm is finally in. Look upon Nannade in her teen beauty. Big thanks to the artist, Ianne German, whose other great work you can see on Twitter, ArtStation and on ko-fi.

I am glad to finally see my internal image brought out into the world, for a picture can say more than a thousand words, and that description of Nannade’s exterior in Childhood & Charity II is less than half of that. 😀 .

Second: Rewrite – the third!

Yes, those who stuck with me for a long time might remember that time I decided to fuck everything up by jumbling the first 20 chapters around. After less than 48 hours, I had returned to the old structure with some minor changes, since I realized the new structure was a mess. I did however leave the primary issue unaddressed: that the first 20 chapters are not structurally and qualitatively in line with the rest of the novel. That’s why I am announcing that I will resume my efforts to turn the first 23 chapters into their own distinct arcs with a proper development that reflects themes and issues addressed later in the story. What that specifically means is the following:

  • Some chapters will be split up and adjusted to be more bearable for a serialized web-novel (especially the behemoth that is Childhood & Charity II)
  • The story will not change. Nothing written in Search & Scrutiny or afterwards will have its plot changed or influenced. A re-reading of the first chapters will not be necessary to understand the story.
  • Certain plot developments and concepts will be introduced or hinted at earlier or later to ease the massive dump of exposition and explanations in the first 6 chapters.
  • Some events will happen elsewhere or slightly differently.
  • Childhood & Charity and Freedom & Folly will contain a proper arc-structure from beginning to end.
  • Trial & Trepidity will be renamed to Freedom & Folly
  • I’m not trying to retcon things, just make things previously left too vague or cryptic more understandable.

Note that this rewrite is primarily for the new readers that might come afterwards. I guess that’s the issue with being an avid, day-of-release reader, you get to see me when my skills are still developing, but I thank my readers who have stuck by me nonetheless.

However, this project, coupled with a few IRL things coming up for me, might mean that I can’t update regularly, write as much on the running story, or might have to put on several hiatuses.

I have somewhat already started this process, and I already have the rough outlines plotted down. I have gotten a lot of really good feedback and am still awaiting some.

Thanks for sticking by me,


Thank You! (info card)

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