I have two major things to announce for the (near) future of Tatzelwyrm:
First: I will take a break of around a week from publishing, but not from writing. I explain why further down, but before that…
Second: I have planned on opening a commission to artists to finally create a proper cover for Tatzelwyrm. For this I have already made a call out on twitter (follow me @theenngee) but I also want to give my readers the option to send in their portfolio if they do have it. I am looking for a broad palette of styles, so don’t be worried if you think yours might be too far off the beaten road. For further information, see my twitter account @theenngee or my Facebook site “Quillways”. Be sure to write me a DM on either platform.

On my short break:

I have started writing this story around three months ago, mostly on and off for myself, until I decided that this would be the story I’ll finally publish. I never actually wrote in the constraints of engaging storytelling and learned a lot in these past months, mostly because of the ample and critical feedback I got on the platforms Inkitt and Royal Road. I received barely any feedback on the platform Webnovel, which is why I stopped releasing chapters there with the Epilogue of Search & Scrutiny. During this entire time, however, I have always formulated out the story in my head and written as the story went on, often drawing up several ideas for an arc in my head just to toss the majority of it out the window again. I have some documents to help me along in the long run of writing, such as planned arcs, character sheets and timelines.

After the restructuring, I had a lot to adjusting the roughly 40 chapters I already had written, basically I had everything up to the end of Search & Scrutiny sitting and waiting on my dropbox and just streamlined it a bit as the released story progressed. This took up the majority of my writing time, as I had to go through a month worth of publishing. This also allowed me to make adjustments to the chapters being released that day based on the exact events I wanted to happen later on.

Now I reached a point where I do not even have 3 chapters lead on the released story and I see myself doing more and more adjustments within the first week after writing and I have been the happiest with the chapters after that timespan. If I however no longer have this lead of one week, I might end up releasing chapters I am unhappy with but then I’d be stuck with them, since I don’t want major plot points changed after release.

Add to that the fact that I have heaped a few review-swaps onto my plate I need to get through and you’ll most likely get why I need to take a break from releasing (not writing) to get my head start back.

I hope all of you understand and will return after this week. In the meantime, you may write me about any issues you have with the story, or even things you’d like to see more of. I plan on expanding the scope of the story a bit more to include more characters.

Best wishes and thanks for your readership,


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