Today, I release chapter 18 of Tatzelwyrm. I have thought about the first few chapters a lot in the recent days and come to the conclusion that chapters 1-10 do not do a good enough job at hooking new readers and setting the scene and tone for the story, as well of the central conflict.

Therefore I will restructure the currently released Chapters. Tomorrow, I will continue with chapters 19 and 20 of Tatzelwyrm, but they will be called Prologue I and Prologue II. These two chapters set up the major conflict that the chapters up until probably 60-80 will revolve around. Then I will follow up with a flashback to Chapters 1-5 and go on from there.

I will rewrite most of the content in order to keep up a decent flow and not leave people in the dark too much.

All currently released chapters WILL return in some form of another, and people who have read them will not be robbed of anything. All the events will still have happened and all the character swill still be the same. I am making this as a purely structural decision and learn to set up arcs and developments better in the future. You are free to give me feedback in the comments here or on the platform you read Tatzelwyrm on.

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